High Gloss Color sign boards

High Gloss Color sign boards are food containers most flexible disposable production today. Steam table pan leaf is cost-effective, practical, and intended for one-time use. They are designed to withstand extreme temperature range from below freezing to oven temperature meat. For this reason, they are the number 1 choice for the transport of food used by restaurants, food supply, and the chefs in the industry of food service. No need to clean them after use, just remove a recycling. Aluminium can be recycled a multitude of times, so we recommend recycling of High Gloss Color sign boards whenever possible.

With such an extensive selection leaves and container products to choose from online, it can sometimes become confusing for consumers. This guide will help you in choosing the specific pans fit your needs.

Steam Table Pan Foil background

sign board

Almost all US manufactured foil pans are made with High Gloss Color sign boards alloy 3003. The strength of a foil pan is determined by the thick aluminum plates, as measured by the measure of it. A more severe test results in a strong pan. Many US manufacturers make different gauges of similar size pan to enable economic use in various applications. For example, transportation of food items as light as salad does not require such a strong pan, so a light gauge foil pan will do the full job.

Steam Table Pan size

Apart from a few minor differences, all the steam table pan leaf size is between US arms manufacturers High Gloss Color sign boards. There are 3 types of steam table pan size: Full-Size, Half-Size, and third dimensions.

Half-size pans

The measuring 12-3 / 4 "in length by 10-3 / 8" wide. The half-size pans are most commonly made with heavy duty 40 gauge aluminum, full curl rim, with the exception of a half-size extra deep pan that is even stronger in 50 gauge. (A 45-gauge version of the half-size strong depth is also available).